Personal Trainer, Greg Stephen

I’ve been involved in fitness and nutrition since the mid-1990s, when I became a certified personal trainer and began working with individuals looking to gain a more healthy lifestyle.  Armed with a background in and knowledge of kinesiology, nutrition, physiology, weight loss and a host of fitness regimens, my client base covers a wide spectrum.  I train and counsel individuals looking to shed a few pounds, those with significant weight (and health) issues, individuals looking to increase strength and/or endurance, fledging fitness enthusiasts and persons looking to enhance overall wellness while reducing stress.  My client base also encompasses corporations seeking to enhance productivity through the health and well-being of their employees. I have a training approach that is comprehensive, yet tailored to specific objectives.  Programs include training around the gym atmosphere, home fitness set-ups, urban parks and other natural environments.  Early in 2004, I became Genre Magazine’s first-ever fitness editor.  I’ve authored numerous ‘wellness’ newsletters for various corporate clients.  In addition, I’ve consulted with several nutrition companies on their home-delivery product offerings.

I am Certified by The American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer.  I maintain an active certification from the American Red Cross in CPR with AED and Heartsaver First Aid. I have also achieved certificates of completion on the following subjects:

  • TRX Suspension Training,
  • TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training,
  • Muscle Activation Jumpstart (Upper Body, Lower Body, Trunk & Spine),
  • Spinning Instructor by Mad Dogg Athletics,
  • Resistance Training Specialist:
  • Part 1: Strategies, Precision, & the Functional Continuum,
  • Part 2: Strategic Resistance,
  • Part 3: The Exercise Experience,
  • The National Academy of Sports Medicine: Optimum Performance Training,
  • Comprehensive Flexibility Specialist (includes CRAC, Active Release and Static),
  • Plyometric Training,
  • Basic Training for Cycling,
  • Basic Training for Runners,
  • The Athletic Shoulder: Injury and Rehabilitation, and
  • Psychology for Health and Fitness Professionals.

I have special experience working with clients who have back or shoulder limitations.  Over the years I have gained a knowledge base which allows me to tailor routines to include both therapeutic exercises for these specific areas while also including safe execution of more strenuous exercises.  Emphasis is placed on strengthen the musculoskeletal system of these weakened joint areas to reduce likelihood of future injury.

Prior to entering the health and wellness arena, I worked in the retail automotive parts industry. I received my B.S. and B.A. in Marketing from the Kogod College of Business Administration at American University in Washington, D.C.